Wagering America

Wagering America

Explore trends shaping the future landscape of sports and race wagering in America.
Wagering America gives voice to our global network of experienced industry professionals and share their informed perspectives on a range of specialty topics.

About Us

Who are we?

Wagering America’s network of contributors have decades of industry experience.

From lessons learned operating in and researching mature wagering markets around the world WA’s network contribute leading professionally informed opinions and insights focused on an evolving landscape for wagering in the United States.

The founder has more than a decade of experience in the Australian and New Zealand wagering industry where he has formed global relationships.

Our Aims


Wagering America share insights shaped by research and experience in sports and race wagering from around the world and how lessons learned in other markets may be observed in establishment of regulated US sports wagering market. We discuss a range of specialty topics, not limited to bettor experience expectations, marketing, product, technology, risk, trading, legal and regulatory conditions and more.


We don’t pretend to know everything about wagering. While we take utmost time and care to form the insights we share WA is also a place for learning more for its followers and contributors. Together we can help each other learn more about the industry.


If you cannot find what you are looking for to help solve your wagering related challenges, get in touch. Our network has global connections and is able to work together to find the right solutions and partners for you and your business.


What People Say

Insightful thoughts about wagering business and sports eco-system from an experienced industry insider.

Jane Doe

Very useful, alot has changed in only a brief time for wagering in the United States. Wagering America has helped keep me informed.

John Doe


Latest Posts

  • Insightful media and content enrich wagering.
    Since their advent, online wagering service providers around the world have operated mostly independent and distinctly separate from sports media. Operators chose to ‘free ride’ on content produced by other entities, not least mainstream television networks who pay for valuable live broadcast rights. This market dynamic is fairly well accepted although official league data useContinue reading “Insightful media and content enrich wagering.”
  • Sport fan and bettor behaviors
    Sport fan consumption behaviors play an influential role in shaping future value propositions of wagering operators, especially re-imagining experiences to win over emerging fans. As one in depth survey by Deloitte’s found from 4,000 sports fans across the US, hometown is the number one determining factor of team loyalty. 40 percent follow a team becauseContinue reading “Sport fan and bettor behaviors”
  • Player propositions rise
    Everyone has a favorite sports team but for those of us born after 1980 following your favorite player has become ever more popular. It now matters less which team they play for. In keeping with this growing trend in sports fan consumption behavior, wagering operators are evolving offerings to expand focus on player props withinContinue reading “Player propositions rise”

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