Player propositions rise

Everyone has a favorite sports team but for those of us born after 1980 following your favorite player has become ever more popular. It now matters less which team they play for.

In keeping with this growing trend in sports fan consumption behavior, wagering operators are evolving offerings to expand focus on player props within their product mix.

Reflecting on the last decade in Australian wagering, operators were in a contest among themselves to rapidly extend and lead on depth and breadth of markets.

Today product parity and customer expectations necessitate operators offer access to 200+ markets a match on top tier events pre and in game.

Even though wagering operators offer such depth, most bettors still only engage with a select few headline markets (particularly money line, spread and totals).

Looking ahead, player proposition growth could be different. While other derivative market growth has created an almost endless long tail, overwhelming typically mundane digital channel left hand navigation styles, new bettor behaviors might shift meaningful bet count from headlines markets into player props.

Growth in player statistics embedded into broadcasts, more easily accessible odds modelling capabilities for average bettors and with fans increasingly following players, team based propositions may become less of a default bet choice.

Celebrity status of major league players makes it easy to imagine American sports fans will further encourage growth in demand for innovative player centric propositions.

For wagering operators and first time bettor acquisition, a leading range of player propositions could make all the difference for sign up.

Global growth in player propositions continue strongly with the vast majority of US based sportsbooks recognising the necessitate for their options to serve customer expectations and demand. Points markets are the dominate bet type being offered, for the most part more than 50% of all player props are points derivative markets.

As biometric data evolves and richer statistics emerge we should expect there to be a strong interest from content providers to gamble on every kind of player related metric, This will be a hot topic for sports licensing agreements of the future.

Source: igamingbusiness
Source: igamingbusiness

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