Insightful media and content enrich wagering.

Since their advent, online wagering service providers around the world have operated mostly independent and distinctly separate from sports media. Operators chose to ‘free ride’ on content produced by other entities, not least mainstream television networks who pay for valuable live broadcast rights.

This market dynamic is fairly well accepted although official league data use agreements have become a special topic of discussion to challenge status quo.

Premier rights owned mostly by leading networks with new entrants in mix. Special rights for wagering operators are relatively minor by comparison to overall value. Source: Activate Media Outlook 2020

In more recent times online sportsbooks have invested in mobile “watch and bet” experiences, serving thousands of live streams on global sports events each year. The value of which is arguably formed by lower tier content from all parts of the world to fill the clock outside of peak periods.

Today, leading operators continue to develop more sophisticated methods including strategic mergers and partnerships with major media entities to enable immersive and exclusive access to premium content.

Source: Activate Media Outlook 2020

Sports bettor journeys have become interwined with media and content touch points supporting their unique personal choices about betting opportunities pre, during and post game.

Bettor decisions at each phase of an events lifecycle can be nuanced due to personal or demographic attributes, game play dimensions and more.

Source: Activate Media Outlook 2020

Different situations, such as time before a game begins and other bettor preferences call upon different types of media and content.

Consumption of wagering and live sports are closely related. As one study by Deloitte highlights, more frequent bettors watch more games with 73 percent of those who bet at least once a week watching compared to an average 56 percent of all bettors.

Source: Deloitte TV Sports Betting

Similarly, an American Gaming Association study found 75% of NFL bettors are more inclined to watch a game they have placed a bet on, while 51% engage with pre game shows and experts analysis when having a bet.

These findings help illustrate the important color provided by data, statistics, and commentary about teams and players from expert game analysts. Live sports television stimulates excitement, anticipation and engagement for fans with skin in the game.

Source: American Gaming Association

Adding more to this, Deloitte also found 78% of men and 64% of women were either much more, or a little more likely to watch a game they had bet on. This figure rose to 85% for 25-34 year old males and 90% for the 18-24 cohort.

Source: Deloitte TV Sports Betting

More men than women still watch sports on TV, with younger audiences less connected to sports, at least via television.

Source: Deloitte TV Sports Betting

Cohorts who bet more than once a week also watch twice as many hours of live sports (20 hours) compared to those who never bet (10 hours).

Source: Deloitte TV Sports Betting

As consumer demand for in play sports betting grows we can expect continued reimagining of how media and content can best enhance game play experiences to inform real time bettor choices.

Activate Media Outlook 2020 propose the future of wagering will involve deep application of statistical data driven views with similarities to financial market multi screen perspectives immersing viewers in comprehensive media and content.

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